Viral Marketing Activations for Your Music

Unleash Your Music's Full Potential on TikTok

We execute the latest viral music marketing strategies on TikTok, leading to millions of new streams for aspiring and established music artists. Let us help you reach millions of TikTok users and boost your streams.

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Viral Marketing Strategies for Your Music

We specialize in viral music marketing activations and sound promotions on TikTok. Our network of TikTok creators and influencers will skyrocket your music's visibility. Get ready to conquer TikTok's vast audience, skyrocket your streaming numbers, and go viral.

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Access viral TikTok Influencers who are true masters of creativity and trendsetting, dedicated to promoting artists with cutting-edge viral strategies.

The Benefits of TikTok Music Activations

Increase your music's reach with millions of viral views. Boost your streaming numbers and fan base. Encourage TikTok users to incorporate your music into their videos.


How It Works

Collaborate with our team to plan your music activation campaign.


Our network of TikTok & IG influencers create engaging content with your music.


Watch your music trend and go viral on TikTok.


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